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Ziing 101: How to use the app.

For the next few paragraphs, we run through the features, experiences and workflows that make saving and investing through Ziing a breeze. Our core goal is to ensure that your interactions and experiences within the app are fast, seamless, secure and stress free.

Signing Up….

When you download the app on either your android or IOS device, there are few splash screens that briefly state some features that you will find within the app. The underlying idea is to get your investment account up and running within minutes. New customers are required to input basic details like their names, email addresses and date of birth. Set a password and verify their email address.

Existing Investment One customers have the option of signing up with their online details (Customer Number and Easy Trade Password), and verifying their email address via a One Time Password sent to their respective email addresses.

The average signup time is 2-3 minutes.

Signing In…🎁

Signing in involves tapping the Login button, after which you will be prompted to input your email address or phone number and input your password.

A Forgot Password link can also be used if you cannot recall your password.

Upon tapping the link, you will be directed to input a verification code sent to your email address and to confirm certain digits of your phone number.

The Home Page 🏛

After signing in, the first screen you see is your Home page. This screen shows the total of all your investments on Ziing. It also shows a short history of your recent transactions.

Withdrawals are in red with an upward arrow and your deposits are in green with a downward arrow. A list of all your goals is also displayed on your home page.

From your home page, you can easily fund your ZSave account or create a goal in your ZPlan account.

Updating Your Information…🎤

At the bottom right corner of your screen, there is an avatar icon labelled You. Tapping this will enable you fill in your personal details in the categories they fall under.

Personal Information, Next of Kin, Employment Information and KYC documents. Documents to be uploaded here include a picture of your signature, a valid ID card and a utility bill not more than three months old.

These documents are approved within 24 hours. However, you can begin saving without these documents, your withdrawals however, will be limited till your KYC documentation is complete.

Deposits and Transfers.

Deposits into your account can be made a number of ways, firstly by linking your naira debit card to your account and automating deductions or topping up either your ZSave or one of your goals. Deposits can also be made via USSD.

Presently, for only GTBank customers using the short code *737*50*amount*356#.

However, we’re working on something for all other bank customers. It shouldn’t be long now.

Easy Savings – ZSave

The Savings page is where your ZSave account is domiciled. From this page, you can view a history of all the transactions on your ZSave, make withdrawals and purchase airtime, pay electricity and cable bills and make transfers to friends on Ziing using just their email addresses or phone numbers.

You can fund your ZSave, make withdrawals directly to your bank account, and view the history of all your transactions over time.

Saving Towards Goals – ZPlan

The Goals page shows all your goals currently running. At a glance, you can view your goals, the percentage of completion towards your target amount and the amount contributed and interest earned so far. You can also create new goals, edit parameters regarding goals, pause goals,

Tapping on a goal, gives you all the information about the particular goal. Start date, maturity date, number of contributions, interest rates, goal status, etc. You can also choose to top up or liquidate goals here as well as pause your periodic contributions.

You can have as many goals as possible; the more, the merrier.

Fixed Investments.🧥

The Invest page allows you to fix amounts of money aside for specified time periods, on this page you will be able to view how much a particular amount of money fixed for a set time period will earn. All interest is annualized.

When an investment is being set up, you also have the ability to specify if you want the investment rolled over or paid to your bank account at the end of the tenure.


On Ziing, withdrawals can be made either from your ZSave or ZPlan account to your registered bank account. All withdrawals and transfers also have to be authenticated with a six-digit numerical pin. You can set this under settings, security settings in your app.

Withdrawals are instant and usually take between a few seconds to five minutes for the funds to reflect in your selected bank account.  

That’s all there is to know about Ziing for now, we’ll keep updating this piece as we add things up.

All products also carry a preliminary product description. Read through to make sure you’re investing where you want.

Give us a call on 01 448 0847 or send us an email at and we’ll be glad to walk you through anything.

Do have a lovely year ahead.


The Ziing Team.😎

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  1. This is actually impressive and will even enhance students especially undergraduates to save more……

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