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Stockbroking on Ziing!

Hello there,

Trust you have been staying safe over the past months.

All through this pandemic, one thing has stayed constant; the need to put away funds for the rainy day. We take this a step further by advising you to build a diversified portfolio for the long run.

One of the key ingredients of this portfolio? Shares of blue-chip companies.

Getting Started

Investing in the stock market is unique for a number of reasons.

Firstly, capital appreciation, dividend yields, and even collateral that can be used to obtain loans.

Also, buying shares of companies listed on the Stock Exchange gives you a percentage of ownership of such companies for the period you hold those shares.

For long term investors and given the rising rate of inflation, the stock market is the best way to stay ahead of inflation.

Overall, we advise that shares in fundamentally sound companies represent a chunk of your portfolio as a long term investor.

To get started, simply follow the steps below:

Download the Ziing app on  Android | IOS or visit

Click on Sign up

Upload your KYC documents (passport photograph, valid ID card and recent utility bill)

Provide your personal information and ensure all fields are properly filled.

Select Stock trading – Create Account

Enter requested information.

That’s all, your CSCS number will be created within 24 hours (business day) and you will be able to trade directly from your Ziing app.

As always, withdrawals from your Stockbroking account are instant.


The Ziing Team.

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