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New Update. New Features👌

We asked for your feedback, we listened, we implemented.

The latest update of the Ziing app is here and with it, we’ve implemented some small, but vital changes, a couple of new features and an improved customer experience.

Revamped Sign Up Process🙌

We received feedback about the difficulty signing up, receiving OTPs on your mobile number and a lot of questions about the BVN. (We published a post to address this: Why We Need Your BVN).

To this end, we removed the BVN as a requirement to signing up and optimized OTP delivery.

Pause Goals⛔

As per your requests, we’ve made available the ability to pause goals on Ziing. Simply select the goal you want to pause and switch the status bar from active to inactive.

So how does this feature really work?

This feature works by temporarily disabling the automated deductions on your account.

Your interest however will continue to accrue daily.

Fixed KYC Bugs😒

We also received feedback about the inability to upload certain KYC documents and we fixed the issues surrounding it. You can either upload your documents one at a time or in bulk.

Don’t also forget to complete the process by taking a selfie. Simply go to You – Personal Details – Click on the photo icon – Pose for the cameras!


The Ziing Team😎

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