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How To: Upload Documents on Ziing👍

Hello there,

We would like to get to know you better.

We noticed that you haven’t completely uploaded your KYC documents since you came on board.
The information you provide enables us make better decisions, offer you more services, and create a better overall experience.

Most importantly, it helps us stay compliant with our regulators.👮‍♂️

In line with regulatory requirements, you won’t be able to perform some transactions if your KYC documents are not uploaded (e.g. withdrawals above certain limits), however, you can still set up and maintain your goals and savings.

How to Upload Documents

Logon to your account on Ziing.

Click on the ‘You’ icon on the bottom of your screen.

Select KYC documents.

Upload required documents from your phone storage.

Under Personal Details, click the photo icon then take a selfie.

That’s all. Your documents would be verified within 24 hours and all restrictions removed from your account.
Please note that documents issued by a Foreign Body(Foreign utility bills, ID cards, etc.) would have to be notarized before they can be approved.

What documents are valid?

A utility bill (electricity bill, water bill, rent receipt) not older than three months.

A valid ID card (International Passport, Permanent Voters Card, National Identity Card, Driver’s License).

A picture of your signature and a clear photograph (or selfie).

If you are a student or corper, kindly note that you must specify your school or NYSC as your employer before your student and NYSC ID cards can be approved.

This can be done by clicking on Employment Status and filling out the details.

All documents should be uploaded in a picture format (JPG, JPEG, PNG).

Cheers 🥂,

The Ziing Team😎

2 replies to “How To: Upload Documents on Ziing👍

  1. Ok how do I upload my documents. I’m new into the system.

    • Hello Khadijat,
      You can upload documents directly from your phone’s storage. Simply go to You – KYC Documents – Select the document you will like to upload.

      Kindly note that only documents in a picture format(JPEG, JPG, PNG) are acceptable.

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