Find out how Ziing works!

With Ziing, we plan to grow your savings via an easy, convenient and informative platform. For starters, we are offering you a wallet, personalized savings, a hybrid account and a wide array of investment products. Our ultimate goal is to become the one-stop shop for all your financial needs.

Walk through process

Sign up

• Download the app from Google Playstore or IOS Appstore.

• If you are an existing Investment One customer, tick the box and enter your customer number and Easytrade password,

• Enter your first name, last name and email address.

• Enter your phone number, date of birth and set a unique password.

• Accept terms and conditions.

Create a goal

• Tap the goal icon at the bottom of the screen

• Enter name of goal, target amount and how frequently you will like to save into the goal.

• Specify amount to be deducted periodically, maturity date of goal and source to be debited (zSave or Debit Card).

• Add card details (If there are no previous cards linked to your account).

• Congratulations! You're on your way to smashing some goals.


• Click on the savings icon at the bottom of the screen

• Tap 'Fund Your zSave' button.

• Enter amount and select debit card

• Click 'Proceed' button.


1. Select the Withdraw from zSave button from your dashboard.

2. Choose the bank account number and amount to be withdrawn.

3. Enter Pin.

4. Viola! Your funds are on their way.

Ziing is powered by Investment One Financial Services, a SEC regulated financial institution.

Investment One has a decade of asset management expertise, a reputable track record as well as experienced and committed professionals with a singular goal in mind: Preservation and growth of capital.