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Do More With Your Short Term and Emergency Funds

Where have you been keeping your short term and emergency funds?

We know it’s typical for you to set aside short term or emergency monies for car maintenance, quick dinner date, baby boy/girl life, family upkeep, medical bills among others. We’re genuinely curious 🤔. 

While short term and Emergency funds are necessary, where the monies are held up is key to avoid stories that touch the heart.

That said, we’ve put together a check list for selecting a platform to save your short term and emergency funds:

Extra Return

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – you have worked hard and you deserve more. In picking your savings platform, you should go for platform that guarantees return on your money. Just like your zSave on Ziing, you earn 4% per annum on what you’ve saved as against your regular savings account that gives you a return of 1.25% per annum. On zSave, there is no forfeiture of some or all of your interest and no limitation to the number of withdrawals you can make within a month. How cool is that?

Safety of Funds:

What’s the use of a ‘safety net’ if it’s not safe? You should put your money where you can vouch for. Placing your short term funds in high risk or get rich quick schemes is a no-no. We’ll like to advise that before you opt for a savings plan, find out about the underlying Ts and Cs and ensure it guarantees safety of your money( at least your principal). zSave guarantees your capital and interest. Ziing is powered by Investment One Financial Services Limited (a former subsidiary of Guaranty Trust Bank)  and Investment One is regulated by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). You can read up about Investment One here

Easy Access:

Having quick access to your funds when needed is non-negotiable. Why is it an emergency fund if you have to wait a while to access it? Speaking about access, do you know you have full access to your monies in zSave anytime. Also, you can monitor your savings, pay your bills, buy airtime and transfer to others. Amaziing stuff!

Need to Start Earning More on Your Short Term or Emergency Fund?

Download the Ziing app on  Android | IOS   or visit

Signup with your email and phone number

Navigate to zSave on thehomepage

Click on Fund and select your preferred mode of payment

And you are good to go!

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