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Introducing *5678#

Hello there,.

For a while now, we’ve been working to ensure that your transactions on Ziing are seamless, faster and convenient.

We’ve done this previously by introducing bank transfers, simplifying the signup process and making your withdrawals even faster. Now we’re giving you the opportunity to access your account without internet access.

Enter *5678#

What is *5678#?

This is a unique USSD code that allows you access your Ziing account without access to the internet!

Now you can buy airtime, monitor your zSave balances and trade. All without access to the internet.
How cool is that?

To simplify things even further, you can use these short codes.

Self top-up (registered phone number on Ziing): *5678*amount#
Third Party Airtime: *5678*amount*beneficiary’s phone number#
In addition to this, please see below a list of things you can do on *5678#

Monitor your investments and transactions on Ziing.

Check balances and view your portfolio summary.

Buy and sell shares.

Subscribe to zClub.

Fund your different accounts (Abacus, Treasury Bills and Fixed Income).

To begin, simply dial *5678#

Thank you for using Ziing . Sincerely, it means the world to us.
The Ziing Team.

Read about getting started on Ziing here.

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