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100 Days till Christmas!🤶🎅

Hello All,

It’s 100 days to Christmas and so far the year has been great. The Christmas Bells have started ringing already. To wrap things up, we’re introducing a Christmas Savings Challenge.

The last few months of the year come with a lot of festivities…and expenses. Travelling, partying, food, more food, siblings, money…the list is endless.

We’ve all been there, spending a lot of money on festivities and entering the new year broke, with promises and resolutions to save more.
(Ever wondered why January is extra-long??)

This year, we want to do a couple of things differently!

Introducing The Christmas Savings Challenge!🤶🎅

Poster showing Christmas Savings Challenge. Santa with a hat full of gifts and cash prizes
Christmas Savings Challenge

A couple of ground rules…
1. Create a daily or weekly savings goal and name it Christmas Savings Challenge. (Variations of the name are acceptable)
2. The goal should be created between 14th September 2019 till 30th September 2019. 
3. The goal maturity date should be between 25th December 2019 till 10th January 2020.
4. Save any amount greater than N100 consistently throughout the goal duration.
5. Daily deductions (savings) should be successful. Where we are unable to debit your account due to insufficient funds, we advise that you top-up your goal manually.

Why we’re doing this..

Firstly, we want you to flex on a budget this season. No more insufficient funds, declined cards or tight account balances. Christmas should be fun!

Secondly, we don’t want you cash trapped after all the expenses this season.

Thirdly, because we genuinely care about you. We want you to save, invest and have a blast.

All at once!

To get started, simply login to your Ziing account and create a daily or weekly goal titled Christmas Savings Challenge!


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